• Sales velocities of scratch games increase
• Game series revenue targets are reached sooner
• Profits per consumer engagement rise
• Point of sale satisfaction times are extended 
• Organic consumer-driven advertisings increase


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BEAT THE PROS Mulligans® Game could be the next process improving idea within the scratch ticket category.

Every dozen years or so, a new idea significantly improves a process. In the early 70’s, the first eight state lottery commissions experienced dwindling public participation in raffle/draw-six games, until John Koza and Dan Bower had the idea to convert grocery store scratch games into instant-win lottery scratch tickets.

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The new Mulligans® Game lottery scratch ticket can help state lottery agencies in many ways...

  • Expand the scratch player demographic to include more affluent players and new, well-organized groups with higher levels of disposable income.
  • Broaden the lottery retail footprint by leveraging our Mulligans® Game brand to add golf-related retail locations.
  • Boost sales velocity through affinity marketing and our second chance drawing promotion featuring amazing V.I.P. Experience prizes.

scratch game visualization after ticket has been played (with fractional win example):

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Good-Heart, a nonprofit corporation, develops revenue streams from its brand assets and disburses those revenues to local nonprofit charities that help at-risk children and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

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